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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do I send my DNA samples?

Once the DNA Request form has been completed, this must be emailed to

A copy of the completed DNA request form must accompany the samples and are to be sent directly to Neogen.

Neogen Postal Address 

Neogen Australasia
14 Hume Drive
Bundamba, QLD 4304 

How long to results take to return?

The processing time at Neogen can vary from between 4 – 6 weeks once the samples have arrived at the lab, this turn around time does not include postage times. Neogen do not offer urgent testing. 

Where can I get TSU’s or hair collection cards?

TSU and hair collection cards can be ordered through the Genetic Hub office. Please email to place an order.

Alternatively, TSUs can be ordered through your Allflex provider. 

Does a semen straw being tested need to be frozen?

No, semen straws do not need to be frozen for Neogen to extract DNA. It is advised that semen straws are placed in secure packaging (eg. An empty pen) to avoid any breakages in the post.

Do my animals need to be registered to DNA test?

All animals on the DNA Request form must be on the database, this includes animals recorded or unregistered. This ensures results are able to be loaded to the correct animal once they return.

I have submitted a DNA request form but no longer need to test all the animals on the original request. Do I only send the samples I need tested?

If you no longer require tests on the all or some of the animals on the original DNA request sent through please notify Genetic Hub as soon as possible. If some samples are sent in but not all that were listed on the request, this will hold up your turn around times for results as Neogen will wait for all samples in the batch to arrive before processing unless advised otherwise.

Tests Explained

By Neogen Australasia

Standard Bundle: 
The standard bundle includes GGP100K Profile, Parentage, Horn/Poll and Coat Colour tests. 
On the DNA Request form the option for this test is GELB_STD_BDL-NAA.

GGP100K Profile: 
GGP100K profile includes the SNP profile and parentage testing if the sire and/or dam also have a SNP profile. 
On the DNA Request form the option for this test is GGP_Bovine100K-NAA

SEEKSIRE Parentage:
SeekSire™ parentage testing compares DNA markers from sires and/or dams with DNA from calves to verify parentage.
On the DNA Request form the option for this test is Seeksire + PV

Selection tool for horned/polled status in cattle. Results do not reveal the presence or absence of scurs.
On the DNA Request form the option for this test is POLL

Coat Colour: 
Coat colour determines red or black coat.
On the DNA Request form the option for this test is COAT