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Aderian Nixon


Stud ID - WBH

Weetalabah Gelbvieh
Colville Park
1091 Dulacca South Road
Dulacca Qld 4425

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Brian Kaddatz

Vice President & Treasurer

Fellow Gelbvieh Enthusiasts,
Our family has been involved with the Gelbvieh breed since 1989, promoting the first Gelbvieh cattle in tropical Australia, in Mackay Qld. From this beginning, our family has been involved with the establishment of Gelbvieh in Queensland and supporting the breed across Australia. We were the first to cross Gelbvieh with Bos Indicus cattle in Australia, a hybrid fast being recognised as boasting superior characteristics.
I have been involved in the Agricultural industry most of my life, attending Emerald Agricultural Collage, working on the family farm in Mackay, cotton and broad acre in central Queensland, to finally operating our own property “Merrindale” with Jasmin my wife, at Cinnabar. My working career has spanned various industries within rural, mining, manufacturing, and sales sectors. 
I have also been actively involved in our local community representing various organisations. Our local church, school P & C and Hall committees and importantly including the cattle industry. I have been the president of the Queensland Branch of the Gelbvieh Association since March 2017, and also Secretary for the Gympie District Beef Liaison Group Inc, for the last 6 years, supporting our regional beef producers with all the latest regulations and practises in the industry and running one of the oldest carcass competitions in Australia.
I am confident that I can bring the skills and knowledge which I have accumulated to the council table, to the benefit of the Gelbvieh breed across Australia. I look forward to the opportunity of working with co councillors to represent your views at the council table and meeting all in the breed as part of that commitment.
All the best in Beef.

Brian Kaddatz
4687 Wide Bay Highway
Cinnabar 4600

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Annie Minehan

Junior Vice President and IGS Co-ordinator

Stud ID - KLA

Kevlor Gelbvieh Stud
6 Edith Street
Miles QLD 4415

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Tom Bewick

Councillor - Promotions and Marketing

I purchased my first stud females at the age of 15. I was so intrigued with the breed after dad bought home a bull from the Rocky all Breeds sale a few years before. The calves came into the crush to be weighed and stood still with no fuss. They were always heavier then our previous years calves by different bulls.

On becoming a board member for the Australian Gelbvieh Association, I hope to bring new, fresh ideas into the breed and ensure it continues to grow. My Partner Greg and I now manage a Brangus Stud on Windy hill overlooking Ravenshoe with the wind turbines in our backyard. Part of our employment was that we could have our own studs right out our back door too.  The opportunities are endless in our new position with our employer to further my farming and Stud knowledge and my Genetics.

I guess you could call me a showman. I have never missed a showing at the Brisbane EKKA (Covid exempt) or BEEF for as long as I can remember! Being as far north as we are, there are only 5 local shows within 4hrs of Home. We usually make the best of it. This year we’ve decided to break that cycle, hang the Halters up, and focus on other ventures.

I have continued to grow my stud herd by retaining best of the best heifers and through purchases from various studs throughout Australia and forever improving through AI and now beginning embryo and IVF. 

Thomas Bewick
Cherryburn Gelbvieh’s
Ravenshoe QLD 4888

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Cameron Cutler


Stud ID: CUT

Cutler Family Partnership
2126 Macarthur-Penshurst Road,
GAZETTE   VIC   3289

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Chris Theron


Stud ID - CM

Golden Oaks Gelbvieh
767 Afterlee Road
Eden Creek NSW 2474

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John Pugh


Stud ID - RFP

Summit Gelbvieh
Narrikup WA 6326

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Michele Fleming


Stud ID- V6



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Clyde Johnson


Stud ID - N

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Aleacea Nixon

Youth President

I have been involved in the Gelbvieh breed my whole life as my parents own Weetalabah Cattle Services and from their stud I started my own. I am the proud owner of Mickey Mouse Beef incorporating Gelbvieh and Hereford Cattle which I started in 2015 at the age of 14. With my Gelbvieh stud I have had great success in the Ekka show ring winning grand champion in 2018 with my junior champion bull and senior champion bull in 2019, with my junior reserve champion from 2018.

I am also very involved in the Hereford breed and youth movement. I am currently Secretary for Herefords QLD Youth Association and have been for the past three years and sponsorship officer before that for two years.

With my experience in beef cattle youth, combined with my passion for the Gelbvieh Breed I am excited to see where I can take the Gelbvieh youth with the help from my amazing committee.

Stud ID - MMA

Mickey Mouse Beef
Colville Park
1091 Dulacca South Road
Dulacca 4425 QLD

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