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Tayjac Gelbvieh Stud

Tayjac Gelbvieh Stud was first established as a junior stud on my families property in 2007, in Dorrigo on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Interest was generated in the breed in the early 2000s after a local stud dispersed and Gelbvieh cows joined my parent's commercial cattle operation. The cows were exceptional mothers with excellent milking ability, producing large healthy vealers with a calm and easy working temperament. I had been working with show cattle on other local cattle studs and was keen to start my own and decided on the Gelbvieh breed. The stud was established with two foundation heifers from Double J Gelbvieh Stud, Michael and Wendy Jackson who also helped point me in the right direction and get started within the breed.

I have been fortunate to build numbers and genetics with cattle from Midas, Norolle, Glendale, Macquarie and Taunton Park studs along with an annual AI program slowly building a quality line of primarily red Gelbvieh females.

The stud has had local showing success with multiple interbreed titles , as well as steers selected for hoof and hook competitions and bulls distributed throughout NSW and interstate.

Today the stud has grown and is now run on a neighbouring property consisting of approximately 25 registered stud females. The larger family commercial property has a female herd heavily influenced by Gelbvieh genetics suited for the vealer market.  

I hope to continue to work with my family, especially my kids to continue to build on and develop the Gelbvieh breed in NSW and Australia.

"Misty Springs" 5071 Waterfall Way
Dorrigo NSW 2453
James Taylor
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