Australian Gelbvieh Association

Herd Search

Animal and EBV Enquiry

Use this part of the system to perform various database searches. Facilities are available to:

  • check latest EBVs on any animal (if available at this time)
  • research pedigrees
  • search the database of sires using various criteria
  • rank your current drop of calves using EBVs or $Indexes
  • search across all currently listed Sales for animals meeting specified criteria.

Like the Sale catalogue system, criteria are entered into the selection fields. The more selection criteria entered the more precise the results will be.

Examples of selection criteria:

  • Name: VAA LEACHMAN - retrieves all animals with a name starting with VAA LEACHMAN
  • Name: VAA LEACHMAN%DAY - retrieve all animals with VAA LEACHMAN at the start of the name and DAY somewhere else in the name.
  • Herdbook Number: IBL% - retrieve all animals with IBL at the start of the animal identifier.
  • Calving Years(s): 1999-2001 - retrieve animals born between these years.
  • Select If drop down boxes and radio buttons provide breed specific selection criteria (eg. Animal is RED, Animal is Male, Animal is Horned/Polled, Published Sires etc).
  • Breeder Location drop down boxes divide the country into regions for easy selection.
  • Sire Name: GLT SENSATION'S DAY - retrieves all progeny of this animal GLT SENSATION'S DAY 21Y 230793
  • Dam Name: BONNY DOON CC8 - retrieve all progeny of this animal.
  • EBV Min & Max values enable the user to put in ranges for one or more EBV Traits.
  • Sort By drop down box specifies how you want the results sorted.

When searching for an individual animal, you only need to specify sufficient criteria for the animal to be located in the database. eg. Just enter name or part of the name or just enter the animal identifier. If too many animals are initially returned , go back to the selection screen and be more specific in your criteria.


Gelbvieh Animal Enquiry