Australian Gelbvieh Association

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The Gelbvieh breed has much to contribute to the Australian Beef Industry and astute breeders are now realising the full potential that Gelbvieh genetics can contribute to a profitable beef enterprise. Extensive trials, particularly in the USA have time and time again proven why Gelvbieh cattle have become the European breed of choice by leading cattleman to be the most efficient at producing quality beef.

Gelbvieh cattle are well known for their quiet and inquisitive temperament and are unique in the industry with their ability to excle in so many of the major traits. Contributing excellent maternal traits of high fertility, early puberty and good milk production plus the combination of a lower birth weight and explosive, curve bending growth rates produce heavy, well muscled progenty with optimum finfishing ability.

Gelbvieh cross equally as well with the tropical breeds and temperate breeds equally well. The added benefits of being a solid colour as well as having hybrid vigour ensures that profits are maximised. The development of the alancer breed (Gelbvieh x Angus, red & black) has made a huge impact on the industry in the USA and Canada and is quickl becoming popular in Austaralia.

We invite you to take some time and browse through the pages of our website and learn how you can move to a more efficent and profitable beef enterprise.