Australian Gelbvieh Association
2020 AGM minutes
23rd Mar 2020

31st Annual General Meeting Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc.

Monday 23rd March 2020 Via Teleconference MEETING MINUTES


1. Open – 8:11pm AEST

2. Attendees - Katrina Mckemey (Executive Officer), Brice Kaddatz, Cameron Cutler, Ella Anderson, Callum Anderson, Aderian Nixon, Chris Theron, Annie Minehan, Julie Nixon, Aleacea Nixon, Margaret Wilksch, Clyde Johnson, Harriet Pugh, Allison Jenvey, Col Jenvey, Michele Fleming and John Pugh.

3. Welcome by President- Brice Kaddatz. Thanked everyone for attending.

4. Apologies – Chris Braithwaite and Larry Cutler. Moved to be accepted – Clyde Johnson, Seconded – Brice Kaddatz

5. Confirmation of Minutes of 2019 Annual General Meeting held in Deloraine Tasmania. Moved to be accepted – Ella Anderson, Seconded – Michele Fleming, all in favour.

6. Business arising from the previous minutes- Aderian provided update on the constitution. The document has been reviewed and originally council were hoping to have document completed prior to AGM, but wasn’t possible. It has now been updated to reflect the current Association and made fit for purpose. Brice Kaddatz reflected on the significant work that has been done. The constitution will be circulated by the new council for members to review and vote upon in the near future.

7. Presidents report- Brice Kaddatz. Please see report attached. Moved to be accepted – Brice Kaddatz, Seconded – Michele Fleming. Michele thanked Brice for his work and being a steady hand. Harriet Pugh indicated her appreciation.

8. Treasurers report - Harriet Pugh- Incorporating the Audited Balance sheet and Financials for 2019. Please see attached documents. Income relatively stable, significant savings particularly around ABRI secretariat costs. To follow up Youth Account line within financials and the need for this to be separated out within the document. Katrina will follow this up with the auditor. Moved for financials to be accepted– Harriet Pugh, Seconded – Annie Minehan, all in favour.

9. Appointment of Auditor for 2020 Financial statements due 31.12.2020. The current auditor is Clare Baker of Practical Systems Accounting in Armidale NSW. Moved for Practical Systems Accounting to be auditor for statements due in December – Brice Kaddatz, all in favour.

10. Announcement of new council and closure of the 2020 AGM – Five positions were available Brice Kaddatz and Harriet Pugh are stepping down. New Council - Aderian Nixon, Ella Anderson, Cameron Cutler, Annie Minehan, Chris Theron, and John Pugh. Michele Fleming also nominated, she has been on council fro five consecutive terms and the constitution states that Michele is unable to be reelected for a period of 12 months. However, the constitution does allow the AUSTRALIAN GELBVIEH ASSOCIATION C/- Agricultural Business Research Institute University of New England, Armidale, NSW 2351 ABN: 52 407 059 375 Phone: 02 6773 3295 Fax: 02 6772 1943 Email: Website: council to ratify this position and allow her on council for a further 12 months. This is to be discussed at the council meeting following the AGM and Breed Forum. Brice Kaddatz congratulated new council and wished them the best.

11. Closed – 8:36pm AEST Open forum of members

1. An information session from Sarah Buttsworth of Neogen was held. Sarah passed on essential information in regards to new DNA testing methods.  Changes to DNA testing methods from Neogen  Micro Satellite testing MIP – old technology, only looks at regions of DNA.  SNP single nucleotide – new technology looking at individual base pairs of DNA.  MIP looking at the street view, while SNP is individual houses.  These two are not compatible, so if you have animals on MIP and then calves with SNP they can’t be verified. Need to upgrade the tests of older animals or use the SNP with all your animals.  SNP – will discontinue by the end of 2020.  Neogen is offering bulk upgrade for SNP at a reduce rate depending on the numbers of cattle needing to be tested. Society can discuss this with Neogen.  Samples may still available from prior tests, but can’t guarantee that these will be viable for further testing.  Pesti-virus testing also available when another test is being done, but not as a standalone test.  Society’s discretion when an animal can’t be verified after the end of 2020.  Recommended saving DNA samples for future use.  Hair samples will continue to be accepted, additional cost incurred for members for hair samples. TSU are preferred sample, which are processed faster and lower percentage of failed samples. Variable quality of hair samples leads to increased failure rate.  DNA test & parentage verification required for sires to register calves within the association.  SNP – parentage $28 ex GST for TSU, will reduce in price as the technology develops. Genomic testing $50, bundles available e.g. parentage, red/black coat, poll – cheaper rate together than individually.  TSU (boxes or 10 or 100, $3) and applicators ($110) available from Neogen or from rural retailers.  Julie Nixon raised that in US/Canada DNA test all animals and if we look at an alternative system e.g. IGS would be important to consider our testing.  Neo-gen offered site tour of the labs – members are welcome any time.

2. Questions/comments from members.

a. Aleacea Nixon - Youth merchandise from Gelbvieh Australia. Is available, but given the situation has been held off due to COVID-19, but can be sent towards the end of May when camp is confirmed going ahead. Sponsorship is going well at the moment. The situation with COVID-19 is being monitored.

b. Clyde Johnson – printed ear tags. Chris Theron responded – has had his own tags printed with ‘Gelbvieh’ on the ear tag. Easily done by suppliers. Cameron Cutler – there is scope to develop this, need to develop commercial offering and create a supply chain. Incorporate the tags within a program – this would need to be developed further. Done prolifically in the US.

Forum Closes – 9:19pm Katrina thanked all for their attendance.